New Agriculture and Farming Efficiencies with Wireless Sensors

Farmers and growers have new possibilities when it comes to improving productivity, cultivating soil, raising livestock and more. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to use affordable, easy-to-install sensors to gain insightful data and provide 24/7 visibility into agricultural areas such as seed storage, greenhouse surveillance, soil control, irrigation automation, animal management and targeted fertilization. Smart farming wireless sensor applications can give farmers the data necessary to improve management, create additional efficiencies and reduce costs.

Smart Farming for a Growing Population

It is currently predicted that the global population will reach 9.6 billion by 2050. Farmers are embracing IoT in order to meet new challenges, such as addressing extreme weather conditions, correcting intensive farming practices and meeting the growing demand for food. How can A.N. Solutions wireless products and services assist in achieving current and future farming objectives and meeting farming needs?


Greenhouse Automation and Surveillance

Growing populations will need more food and strategies that improve the yield of crops, including greenhouse automation and wireless technologies to control environmental parameters. Traditional manual intervention often provides less effective results, in addition to unnecessary energy loss, production loss and labor cost.

Our wireless sensor solutions may be used to monitor and measure environmental parameters, providing alerts to when data falls outside of specified ranges for optimal growth. As information is provided in real time, control actions can be applied and crop damage avoided with minimal manual intervention. Adjust light levels, humidity, temperature, heating systems, misters, fans and more through IoT technology used in a smart greenhouse.

Farming Automation

Precision farming makes for more control and accuracy to raising livestock and growing crops. IT, sensors, control systems and automation are highly important technologies and concepts found within this approach to farm management. Farming automation can positively impact and create more efficiencies when it comes to:

  • Livestock tracking and monitoring;
  • Animal-related feed supply;
  • Vital control and surveillance;
  • Hygienic precautions;
  • Seed storage; and
  • Control of perishable farm products storage.

Combine wireless sensor systems, cloud technology and simplified interfaces to benefit from smart farming practices, improving animal health, seed, supply and storage conditions and more.

Planting Automation

Horticulture presents its own unique set of challenges that generally call for more sophisticated solutions compared to agriculture. Soil quality and moisture levels are some of the factors that can impact crop yields. Sensors and a wireless control system may be used for:

  • Soil control,
  • Moisture control,
  • Irrigation automation,
  • Crop surveillance;
  • Targeted fertilization; and
  • Automated seeding and harvesting with specially equipped machines.

Ensure efficient use of necessary resources to maintain soil quality and moisture, making for healthier crop growth and improved yield with wireless sensor technology and advanced IoT technologies.

For example, a self-sufficient intelligent irrigation system employs wirelessly-networked soil moisture sensors to avoid excessive or insufficient watering. Solar-powered sensors supply the data to the main control unit that releases the right amounts of water creating perfect conditions for the plants’ growth.

Get Vital Control and Surveillance with A.N. Solutions

A.N. Solutions brings unique hardware and software solutions to farming and agricultural industries that may be scaled up or down as needed. Small organic farmers, as well as large-scale producers, benefit from the information gleaned from a network of wireless sensors that may be placed on a range of different types of buildings and surfaces.

A.N. Solutions works with the system currently in place to enhance data collection and transmission without the need for expensive traditional installation costs. Different wireless sensors are connected via a self-organizing, self-healing mesh network and can relay information to the cloud or connected devices via flexible interfaces.

Farming facilities can use our wireless sensors to get real-time data to make needed adjustments to improve soil, crop and animal health, quickly address storage condition issues and eliminate excess energy consumption. This advanced technology can be used for livestock tracking, failure prediction systems, resource mapping and more. The benefits of A.N. Solutions wireless sensor products and services include:

  • Automation of data collection and transmission;
  • Integration with current or new networks;
  • Low-cost installation;
  • Unique feature configurations for farmers and producers; and
  • Low maintenance requirements with long battery life.

Our powerful @ANY hardware platforms may be modified, extended or integrated to meet the specific needs of farmers and producers. Out of the box, the @ANY-based wireless sensors require little effort to install and begin using. A long battery life of 5-10 years makes for few maintenance requirements. Farmers can do what they do best, leaving data collection and delivery to systems designed by A.N. Solutions.

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