ATMOSENSEĀ® is a self-sustaining and wireless networking data platform for the position-independent collection of measurement values. Clients appreciate the ability to get additional information from this small form device, such as humidity, dew point, temperature, and custom enhancements realizable via so-called extension boards.


The networking data platform consists of

  • A Windows GUI framework for live data collection and display
  • A USB based network coordinator
  • A limitless number of ATMOSENSE tags for measurement data collection
  • A base set minimum of three tags
  • GUI extension/porting/customization to Android on demand


There are numerous benefits derived from the ATMOSENSE wireless networking data platform, including:

  • A freely scalable number of sensor nodes in the monitoring network
  • Autonomous data logging for long-term monitoring
  • Threshold indication for live data monitoring
  • A long life expectancy of the tags: ~5 years with integrated battery monitoring
  • Battery replacement for sustainable use
  • Freely parameterizable sensor nodes (measurement interval, test limits, etc.)
  • Custom enhancements via the extension boards

Target applications

This platform can be utilized for all phases of a building construction and management. Users can include the building owner, property developer, construction companies, and lessors and lessees. The network can safeguard possible warranty claims and assist in the removal of defects caused by excessive humidity stress and subsequent secondary damages, but also demonstrate evidence of sufficient ventilation and humidity.

The networking platform can also track/collect environmental conditions in:

  • Museums
  • Animal parks, terrariums
  • Greenhouses
  • Motor homes
  • Commercial utilization in storage facilities, factory work rooms

Areas and locations requiring defined environmental characteristics, or where defined environmental properties must change only within certain limits, can benefit from using the ATMOSENSE platform.

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