Our Partners

A.N. Solutions built a network of trusted partners to ensure the highest quality of our IoT products and solutions.

Featured Partners

Meet our featured partners that help us push the envelope of innovation.

Microchip Technology

A.N. Solutions is a trusted partner of Microchip with the expertise in IEEE 802.15.4-based wireless protocols, including ZigBee, as well as other IoT technologies. It is a one-stop-shop design house that provides hardware, software and engineering services. A.N. Solutions proved to be an excellent incubator for new ideas and technology, exploring new applications areas and helping customers take full advantage of the superior Microchip hardware platform.

Johann Pauvert
EMEA Marketing Manager, Wireless, Microchip Technology

Arrow Electronics

A.N. Solutions is an important design partner of Arrow. Focusing on existing and emerging wireless technologies, A.N. Solutions helps our clients, including early adopters, to build cutting edge wireless sensing solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications. A.N. Solutions is a one-stop-shop design house that provides hardware, software and engineering services. Proficient in IoT technologies, such as IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee™, LoRa™, Bluetooth™ and more, A.N. Solutions helps gain our customers a competitive edge by cutting their costs and time-to-market.

Amir Sherman
Director of Engineering Solutions & Embedded Technology EMEA, Arrow Electronics

Savvy Telematics Systems AG

A.N. Solutions has been a trusted design partner and technology provider for Savvy Telematics Systems AG. Under their guidance, we were able to seamlessly integrate the emerging wireless LPAN technologies into our product portfolio, thus increasing the overall value and competitiveness of our offering. With their unmatched expertise and dedicated support throughout the entire design and bring-up phase, the A.N. Solutions team assisted us greatly in developing safe, flexible, and autonomously operating products for the fleet management applications in a hazardous environment with the highest safety standards and requirements.

André Schär
Director Hardware Development & Procurement, Savvy Telematics Systems AG

Partner Ecosystem

From RF components to manufacturing process to product certification, our partners help us every step of the way to deliver the best performing products and solutions.

Strategic System Platforms

A.N. Solutions partners with the industry-leading semiconductor companies and component manufacturers with the reputation of providing the cutting-edge RF platforms for IoT applications. Using hardware platforms and components made by its strategic system platforms’ partners, we ensure the utmost reliability and optimal performance of @ANY line of products and customized solutions.

Saxony Excellence Cluster

Located in the heart of what became known as the German “Silicon Valley”, A.N. Solutions benefits from tapping into a wide network of top-rated engineering schools and R&D centers. Besides being traditionally strong in mechanical engineering, Dresden has become one of Europe’s leading high-tech and innovation hubs, boasting a strong competence in IT, microelectronics, wireless technologies, and more.

Manufacturing and Testing Excellence

A.N. Solutions relies on its partner network to maintain manufacturing and testing excellence for all of its products. Producing high-quality products consistently over time requires precision engineering, rapid prototype development, extensive testing, and careful production planning. Among our partners are some of the industry-leading providers or manufacturing, testing and certification services.

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