Retail and Tradeshow Applications for Wireless Networking

The time for an evolution in retail and tradeshow operations has come. Wireless networking is bringing the benefits of wireless networking to the forefront for business owners, retailers, and tradeshow operators. Wireless sensor technology can be used along with the connected devices and mobile interfaces to transmit and translate Big Data for retail and tradeshows, with a range of smart-store applications, improved efficiency to the supply chain and greater customer satisfaction for the connected consumer.

How Can Retailers Use Wireless Networking and IoT?

Supply chain and operational efficiencies formed the basis of early use cases of IoT. The focus has now shifted to that of the use of omnichannel fulfillment and the customer experience. Retailers want to enable customer service with methods to interact digitally and better integrate the online experience with that of a brick-and-mortar location. Wireless networking and IoT is improving communications not only in the backroom, such as when monitoring and tracking stock, but on retail floors while assisting customers in getting merchandise needed and answering questions.

A.N. Solutions helps retailers bridge technology and information gaps and enable them to affordably invest into wireless networking. We realize that it may have been cost-prohibitive in the past to integrate wireless technologies with existing networks and systems. This is no longer the case as the wireless sensors built using our @ANY hardware and software platforms rely upon long-lasting batteries, do not require alterations to building structures or current wiring systems, and transmit information instantaneously to the cloud, central systems and selected interfaces. How can IoT and our wireless sensor applications help your retail business?

Predictive Equipment Maintenance

Avoid equipment failure and reduce downtime that can impact supply chain operations and lead to unnecessary delays. Wireless networks can detect issues with complex equipment and manage energy usage, ensuring that units are operating optimally and any issues are detected quickly. Predictive equipment maintenance is useful for complex equipment and specialized equipment in grocery stores and the use of wireless self-contained sensors can monitor and manage power consumption as well as any temperature fluctuations in order to ensure food safety.

Smart Transportation

Merchandise needs to be moved quickly and arrive intact and is a priority of applications in retail. IoT and wireless technologies assist in monitoring and tracking goods, maintenance of transportation vehicles and containers, as well as with optimization of routes. IoT has advantages over using GPS alone in that retailers get more accuracy when it comes to the proximity of a pallet of merchandise to a specified location.

The Connected Consumer

Consumers use their mobile devices on a regular basis when shopping from a brick-and-mortar location. Not only can the connected consumer comparison shop and read reviews, but they can locate merchandise, review local inventory levels and check in-store pricing from the convenience of a familiar and convenient interface. More can be done to engage the consumer, such as:

  • Offering an exclusive best-price offer;
  • Providing concierge services for high value customers; and
  • Using context to better target customers at times they are most likely to purchase.

All of these actions work to improve the customer experience and get higher engagement rates from customers shopping at a physical retail store or making an online purchase.

How Tradeshows Can Enhance Experiences with IoT and Wireless Sensors

It is not only retailers benefitting from a frictionless customer experience in a physical location, but tradeshow operators and businesses may take advantage of wireless sensors and networking to deliver a best-in-class experience to visitors, which can increase foot traffic, drive sales and bring that WOW factor to the conventional tradeshow floor.

Lighting and Setup

Wireless sensors can be used in a variety of ways, such as when attracting the attention of a target audience. Highly specialized software, in addition to wireless sensor technology, have been used to enhance company visibility and grab the attention of visitors. As light and color help shape spaces, they also invite interaction, and can be used in the creation of a more engaging user experience for participants at a booth. Wireless sensing technologies can be used when creating mobile displays, presenting 3-D animations and more.

More Control Fuels Growth

Use rich data and analytics to create a more seamless shopping experience and monitor and manage products during transportation, shipping and in-store. In the store and on the floor, create experiences whereby the customer can easily get assistance and find the information they require, as well as receive timely messages and promotions to encourage engagement and purchase. Use data gathered for predictive analysis and to forecast future customer behavior, resulting in improved customer service, better store lay-outs and proactive responses.

A.N. Solutions is a leading provider of wireless networking solutions that can be easily implemented in retail and tradeshow environments. Minimal maintenance, easy installation and features that integrate seamlessly with new or existing networks are only a few reasons why retailers, businesses and tradeshow vendors are implementing wireless sensor technology in their physical locations. IoT has come to stay and businesses that use advanced technologies to connect with the consumer are more agile and can respond faster to changing customer demands, staffing needs, stocking concerns and more. Outfit your smart store to do more with A.N. Solutions-powered robust wireless sensors for your data, analytic and monitoring needs today.

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